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Last Modified: August 18th, 2014.


Protecting the privacy and security of consumers’ information is very important to the managers of the website (the “Site”) (collectively referred to, including the Site as “The Golf”).


This Privacy Policy describes how information is collected and used on our website (the “Policy”). Please read this policy before using or submitting information to the Site. By using the Site, you signify that you unconditionally agree to the Policy. Although the Site contains links to other websites, please be aware that The Golf is not responsible for the privacy policies of those or any other Internet websites. If you have questions about how those websites collect and use data, you should carefully read those sites’ privacy policies.


Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information on the Site

The Golf collects non-personally identifiable information on the Site and uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that stores and categorizes data about visits to websites. Adwords is a tool that allows companies to run advertising campaigns, which can be set to target groups of people. Both of these services save non-personally identifiable information including, and not limited to the following: demographic information, which includes the age and gender of users of an Internet website (the “User(s)”); interests, which are defined by a User’s search patterns on Google and website visitations; geographic information, which includes language and location; behavioural information, which includes defining if the User is a new or returning visitor, how frequently and recently they visit, and for how long and how many pages are visited; technological, which includes browser, operating system and internet service provider (ISP); mobile device information (if applicable), including the model, service provider and operating system; and custom defined variables (the "Information").


The Golf also generates remarketing lists through Google Analytics (for more information about Remarketing Lists, please see below in the Policy). The Golf uses the non-personally identifiable information to make informed decisions about how we should target our advertising.


Through Google Display Network advertising, The Golf also collects information about customers in the form of Impressions, which signify that an advertisement has been shown to a User, even if the User does not click on the ad. Google Display Network advertising advertisements are displayed on websites that are part of the Google Display Network, which represent a collection of websites that run advertisements generated by companies through Google using services such as Google Adwords.


The Golf compiles the Information to have a better understanding of the way people interact with the Site to help The Golf manage, maintain and obtain reports on Site usage. The Golf saves IP addresses in order to detect fraud, with the goal of preventing fraud.


The Golf does not sell, exchange or transfer, in part or in whole, the Information, except with parties that collaborate with the use of the Site (including customer service) and the management of our business, and all of these parties are obliged to treat the Information as confidential. The Golf will divulge Information (i) when obliged to by law (ii) to apply the Policy of the Site and (iii) protect the rights of The Golf and those of others as well as their property or security. 


How do we use your Information?


Information collected on the Site may be used in, however not limited to, the following manner:


-To improve the Site, because The Golf constantly strives to offer a better product based on the Information and comments received.




Cookies are used on the Site. Cookies are small text files created by an Internet server, provided by a browser and stored on your computer. For a website that you visit, they represent a method of tracking your habits and your preferences and to identify you on your return visits to that site. Cookies also enable the possibility to customize and personalize your internet browsing experience by allowing you to not have to provide your personal information every time you visit a website.


Cookies are also used to anonymously follow Internet traffic, as described above.


You have the right to disallow the use of cookies from Google by visiting Google’s Ad Preferences, available at the following website address:


You can also prevent the use of cookies from a third party by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Page, available at the following website address:



Creation, Migration and use of Remarketing Lists.


When using the Site, you consent to The Golf creating and obtaining remarketing lists, migrating remarketing lists and using generated remarketing lists or similar advertising lists.


Data Selection and Audience Targeting.


By using the Site, you authorize The Golf to (i) send Information to Google (ii) use remarketing lists or other advertising lists to select or target advertisements based on previous or current user activity on the Site.


Personally Identifiable Information Restrictions.


For service announcements, The Golf may not transmit personally identifiable Information (“PII”), including email addresses, telephone and credit card numbers with the User’s cookies without the User’s consent.


Advertising Policy for Cookies, Advertisements from Third Parties, Conflicts.


The Golf’s use of User’s cookies via remarketing list is subject to the terms present in (i) the Policy and in (ii) the document entitled Google Advertising Cookies Policy. Google’s use of remarketing lists is also subject to the terms present in (i) the Policy and in (ii) the document entitled Google Advertising Cookies Policy.


Remarketing DoubleClick (formerly known as Boomerang DoubleClick) and other remarketing list services.


The Golf may not use remarketing lists created by DoubleClick or other services with remarketing lists containing Information, unless the use of cookies (i) was adequately divulged to Users during the Information collection, (ii) respects the Privacy Policy of websites where the Information was gathered and (iii) respects the general and confidentiality terms of the Policy.


Remarketing List Transparency.


The Golf grants Google the right, if appropriate, to inform any User that is part of at least one of The Golf’s remarketing lists by sending this User The Golf’s domain or the display name.


Google may also, if it chooses to, or if The Golf asks Google to do so, inform Users, inclusive through any registration, that the advertisements are based on remarketing lists or similar advertising lists of which they are a part of.


Changes to the Policy.


The Golf reserves the right to modify the Policy at all times and without prior notice. Modifications to the Policy take effect immediately after they are uploaded to the Site. Due to this reason, it is suggested that you visit the Site regularly to see if changes have been made.


The Internet is a global environment and its use necessarily implies the collection and use of personal information in an international database. As a consequence, by using the Site, you recognize and accept the way in which The Golf treats personal information.


The Golf does not intentionally gather the personal information of minors due to the applicable laws. As a consequence, Users that are minors do not have to submit personal information to the Site. If The Golf is informed that information of this manner has been gathered, The Golf will deploy its efforts in a reasonable manner to delete this information in a timely manner.


In all regards, this Policy is subject to and compliant to the judicial laws of the District of Montréal, Province of Québec, Canada.




Please do not hesitate to contact The Golf with any questions concerning the Policy.

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